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Bridging Loan Calculator

Bridging loan amount required:
Term required (in months):
Properties being used as security:
Total value of properties:
Monthly interest rate:
Lender facility fee (0 to 2%) %
Added to loan
Gross loan amount:
Monthly interest charged:
Roll up options
Total interest if loan runs full term:
Gross loan amount+rolled up interest:
Other Costs
Valuation fees:
Lender's admin fee:
Lender's legal costs:
Telegraphic transfer fee:
Redemption admin fee:
Exit fee: %
Broker fee:


The Dolphin bridging loan calculator is quick and easy to use and provided to help illustrate interest charges and other costs associated with bridging loans.

There are many bridging loan providers who all charge a range of interest rates together with a range of other costs. These different costs vary considerably making it impossible to provide an online bridging loan quoting system that can provides quotes for all circumstances.

This bridging loan calculator is meant as a guide only. It is however based on our most popular bridging plans.

How to use the Dolphin bridging loan calculator

To obtain an example of the costs associated with a bridging loan simply complete the green boxes and press calculate. The calculator will then display interest charges, valuation costs, lender’s legal fees and administration fee.

Different lenders will charge a range of rates and also a whole range of fees. Be careful and look out for default rates, rearrangement fees, exit fees, broker fees, redemption fees and other costs that all add up to make a bridging facility very expensive.